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poreX Exhibition 2007

poreX Exhibition. 2007 September-October. Servei Estació, Barcelona.

lefreak presented Provekta®: a self-contained furniture system created and patented by Colombian designer Camilo Navarro and lefreak. Prototypes made of high-density hot wire cut expanded polystyrene.

lefreak presented ZeladNeu, a lighting system made of medium-density expanded polystyrene. Lamp base made of laser cut and engraved transparent acrylic. Created by Colombian designer Daniel Rubio and lefreak.

Materials and tools: high-density and medium-density expanded polystyrene, acrylic sheets, aluminium tubes shelving, digital printing on expanded polystyrene signage, electrical wiring, lamp holders, cold light bulbs. CNC hot wire cutting for expanded polystyrene and CNC laser cutting for acrylic sheets.