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Poetic Map 2004

On this occasion, lefreak created a lighting installation in a very unusual place: the hall of Les Corts Funeral House in Barcelona. The work consists of a black metallic cylindrical stand topped by a transparent sphere reciting the poem Amor constante más allá de la Muerte (Love That Endures Beyond Death) by Francisco de Quevedo. This sphere contains a blue LEDs assembly that ‘draws´ each letter thanks to a rotatory arm.

Below you can read this magnificent poem in English (Rhina Espaillat version):


Love That Endures Beyond Death

When the last shadow comes to douse the white

radiance of day, it well may close my eyes;

it may unbind my soul, so that it flies

free, toward its eager wish, full of delight;

but soul will not abandon in its flight

memory, where it burned: my flame is wise,

knows how to swim the icy stream, and rise

to disobey the law more stern than right.

My soul, for whom the cell god’s will has been;

veins that have, for so long, nurtured such fire;

my very core, gloriously lit within,

will let the body go, but not desire;

will be ashes, but sentient as when skin;

will be dust, but dust in love upon the pyre.