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Syntrewood 2007

Syntrewood presentation. 2007 November. Servei Estació, C/ Aragó 270, Barcelona.

Following our manifesting love for the recycling process and recycled materials, Servei Estació commissioned us the design for the presentation of a very interesting eco-material called Syntrewood, obtained from plastic waste.

The presentation brought together objects designed by Onadis Recicla, specialized in urban furniture (banks, bins, bollards and urban planters). Lasentiu, the company processing the plastic waste and supplying Syntrewood, presented bottle racks, technical flooring and shelving. lefreak designed the space, produced the CNC milling signage and played thermoforming this material with outstanding results, as you can see in the images.

Materials and tools: Syntrewood. CNC milling. Electrical saw cutting.